Why good leadership matters

As a global community we need good leadership that spans our businesses and our communities. From grassroots community groups to international politics, from small charities to the biggest multinational brands; good leadership is vital.

Good leadership, or lack thereof, touches every aspect of our lives, from what we do for work to how and when we do it. From where we shop to what we can buy and how we pay for it. From how our children are educated to the time we are able to spend with them.

We need good leadership to guide us through these challenging times.

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Values and approach

During my 35 years of work I’ve seen the impact that good leadership skills can have on individual leaders, their teams and the success of the organisations that they’re involved in.

I strongly believe that good leadership is at the core of having a successful organisation and cohesive communities.

In the working world today, a team is more than a group of people that you line manage. A team might include more senior staff as well as junior staff, peers from other departments or organisations, freelancers and contract staff. Contemporary leadership is a more complex mix of skills, peoples and demands than ever before.

Being a leader is more than being the point at the top of a hierarchy.

My approach to leadership, which was formed while serving in the Royal Engineers, is that a leader must put their team first. To be able to reach the tactical or strategic goal – be that building a bridge or blowing it up – every member of the team has to know what is expected of them, understand how they fit into the process and have the tools and skills to execute their part.

When we step into a leadership role we have to master a complex set of skills that we might not ever had any support in developing. A lot is expected of leaders, but we aren’t always supported, trained or given the necessary resources.

The first step into good leadership is to ask ourselves what we need to do to evolve.

What areas do I need to improve?

How should I support my team?

It’s okay not to have all the answers yet, that’s what I can help you with.

A leader has to understand each member of their team and be able to provide them with the information, resources and support needed to meet their individual goals.

Make an Impact

Good leadership can change how we experience the world. Certainly, in business it can change how we experience our day to day work life.

Together we can:

  • Transform the culture of an organisation
  • Help to retain staff and prevent talent drain
  • Inspire individuals and help them reach their full potential in their roles
  • Build skills, capacity and confidence making your team and business more efficient

You might be looking for help because your profits are taking a hit, that’s always a good motivator to seek help. Good leadership won’t transform your profits. Good leadership will transform how you do business and how your team works together, and this can be fundamental, and ultimately transform your business and your profits.

We help organisations become happier, more focused and efficient places to work.