Has something that used to work in your business or organisation stopped working? I help businesses diagnose and fix what’s broken in the organisation and create a strong foundation for growth.

Sometimes the symptoms are obvious – sales are down, staff turnover is high and as a leader or CEO you feel like you’re constantly firefighting problems and never looking to the future.

Sometimes the symptoms are less obvious – a general malaise has settled and people aren’t performing to their capabilities, no-one is seeing problems before they happen and clients are slowly drifting away.

None of these things happen overnight, these changes are gradual and once embedded require a re-alignment of company culture to shift them to being proactive and profitable again.

So how do we fix that?

Want to know more?

We start where you are

In our initial conversations, you will have time to talk through the problems that your organisation is experiencing and where you see the causes to be. My job here is to listen, understand things from your point of view and to get to know the business a little better.

Discovery and diagnosis

It is in this phase we uncover what’s really happening in the organisation and what can be done to resolve any issues and create new opportunities.

  • Meetings with senior staff members, decisions makers and the teams and staff affected by the issues identified.
  • 360 degree audit of the organisation to uncover the root cause of friction.
  • Diagnostic report presentation that articulates the organisation’s problems and presents a solution design.

Solution design

The audit and solution design will cover four key areas:

Organisation design and culture

  • Is the organisation set up in a way that will support positive change and growth?
  • Is the culture of the organisation reflective of a business that can grow?

Systems and processes

  • Are your communications and businesses processes organised and effective?
  • Too little or too much bureaucracy can both hamstring an organisation

Training and development

  • Are your staff able to work to their capabilities?
  • Do they need additional support to create change?

Leadership management and capability

  • Do the leaders in your organisation have the resources, skills and confidence to deliver the change needed?

Your solution design will be tailored to the long-term business goals and be informed by the immediate timelines and budget.


From solution design, we move into implementation.

  • Delivering the organisational change required to solve the current problems within the business.
  • Solutions include; staff training, support to restructure, or coaching for your leadership team as needed.

Build a foundation for you to meet your vision of the future.

  • Regular consultancy to keep you on track, pre-empt any oncoming challenges and support you and your team.

Putting people at the centre of the solution

  • A streamlined organisation and positive culture create trust and ownership in your people.
  • Improved systems and processes create better communication.
  • A thoughtful training and development programme allows people to work to their full potential.
  • A leadership team that’s focused on supporting their staff creates clear direction and confident action.